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JKL Book Club

Literary Appreciation

Literary Appreciation
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The concept behing JKL Bookclub started in 1990 when, as children, we were given a box of books by our older cousins. We decided that the easiest way to share these books was to keep them at our Nan's house, in her spare bedroom.
We made some inkstamps by carving into a couple of potatoes... and JKL Library was born.
The name is comprised from the initials of James, Kate, and Lucy. The three of us who shared the box of books.
15 years later, we're all in our mid-twenties, and the JKL Bookclub that you see here is moderated by Kate & Lucy (both 25, both book lovers).
The community today is about appreciating books, and sharing a common ground with other avid book readers.
We're open to anyone, and we welcome all kinds of book-related discussion.
Please feel free to join in.

There are a few rules, but nothing too out of the ordinary:

1) No Spamming, Trolling, or Community Promo.

No one likes it, and it will get you booted out quicker than you can say "heycomeandjoinmywickedljcommunity".
If you have a community that you feel would like to be promoted, then please email hawthorne_fairy, stating your brief reasons why!

2) No completely off-topic posts.

Hey, we don't mind a little chit-chat here and there... but try to bear in mind that this is a book-focused community.

3) If you can't be nice, be fair.

We don't expect everyone to agree, but please refrain from throwing personal insults around.